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English for Everyone

English Tutoring to Fit Your Life


About Me

Ashley Rogers

I teach both grammar and how English is used in everyday life. This can include business, educational, and conversational English. My goal in teaching is to always have a supportive learning environment, where students feel the confidence to experiment with the English language. You only learn from trying and learning from your mistakes. I use a variety of learning techniques in my teaching.

I began my teaching career as a middle school theatre and ESL teacher. Currently I work as an English tutor for VIPKid, where I teach children ages 3-16. I also work as a text editor for IDIY. As an ESL teacher, I have worked with Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, and Japanese native speakers. I am familiar with the challenges that each speaker faces when learning English. Most recently I received my TESL certification from the Tennessee Language Center in Nashville, TN.

I offer both in-person and online classes. In-person classes are available at my office or at a location convenient to you. For online classes, feel free to contact me using the form below or at Online class times can be adjusted for your schedule.

How It Works

How It Works

Areas of Focus

Tutoring Options

  • Conversational English

  • Text Editing

  • Speech/Presentation Preparation

  • Lessons Range from Beginner to Advanced Levels

Private Lessons that focus on areas you would like to improve and grow in.

Rate: $25/55 minute session

One on One Lessons:


Our office is located at Novel Coworking in downtown Nashville. Classes can also be arranged at other locations for your convenience.

Group Sessions:

Groups of 2-3 people.

Rate per person:

$20/55 minute session for 2 person groups ($40 total).

$15/55 minute session for 3 person groups ($45 total).


What Happy

Students &

Parents Say

Thank you so much for your correction, Teacher Ashley! I truly appreciate your thorough revision and lots of encouragement. I'm grateful for your focusing and working on my text. Thank you!


Serious and responsible teacher, lets people feel at ease!


Nicole's favorite teacher, every class she is very excited, the teacher is very professional, every lesson the child always smiles.

Ashley 老实上课非常生动,教具丰富,孩子上课十分有兴趣。特别喜欢老师的教课风格。

Ashley's honest class is very lively, rich teaching aids, the child is very interested in class. I really like the teacher's teaching style.

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